What is an Original Print?

*REGISTRATION REQUIRED* to participate in this free workshop.

What’s an original print? In its simplest form, an original print is an artwork that has been manually created – drawn, carved, inked – and printed on a printing press by an artist. It is not a reproduction of an original. Each piece is handcrafted in its own right. An introduction and demonstration on the integrity of all several  printmaking techniques and how they leave a mark on us. 




Join Donna Frustere, A Westerly native, who has retired to her roots as Art Educator in CT for 45 years! As a Master Printmaking artist, She will have sample plates, prints, inks and tools to define process and procedure. 




We will begin with the idea of “what a walk in the sand tells us!” Yes your mark counts in this large world where THE ARTS heal providing outlets from the confusion, enhance commitment and  create unity. A Print can reach many when multiples are made.