The UNITED Table – Kelp Me Out Here! – The History, Uses, Future, and Economic Impact of Kelp and Seaweed in New England

This event is a general admission fully seated event in the Main Cinema. Seating is guaranteed but location of seating is first-come first-served. Each ticket comes with a free beer or wine (limited selection) voucher and includes a tasting of some prepared kelp bites (please be aware of any allergies).

Please join us at the UNITED Table for the next event in our series with Eating With the Ecosystem as they host a panel and tasting event showcasing Kelp – a type of seaweed that has long been integral to New England’s coastal ecosystems and communities. In recent years, kelp farming has emerged as a sustainable practice with profound implications for the region’s economy, environment, and culinary landscape. Following the panel we will move into the gallery events space where attendees will get a free beer or wine along with a tasting of various types and preparations of kelp from the region.


The UNITED Table series is a new culinary entertainment series presented by The United Theatre to celebrate the food we eat and the creative, hardworking people who take the care and thought in preparing and presenting that food, preserving its history, and filling our lives with the tastes, smells, and experiences that bring people together. Through conversations, tastings, book talks, food fests, and screenings from the culinary cineverse, The UNITED Table invites you to pull up a chair. Bon appétit!

Eating with the Ecosystem is a Rhode Island Non-profit focused on a place based approach to seafood in New England where we have great opportunities to support our local economy, our environment and our health through the sustainable harvest of fish.