The United Table – From Reel to Meal: A Conversation on the Seafood Industry – presented by Eating with the Ecosystem

Join us at “the UNITED Table” for our next collaboration with Eating With the Ecosystem – From Reel to Meal: A Conversation on the Seafood Industry. There was a great amount of interest at our last event from the public looking to be better informed about the commercial fishing industry and the complexities involved in getting the seafood you love from the water to your plate. We have put together a fantastic panel to discuss what is going on in New England around seafood and how fisheries are managed, fish processing, and sales and availability of our favorite and most delicious natural resource. The conversation will cover topics including energy use and food miles in the fish supply chain, how climate change is affecting our fleets and catch, how to be an informed consumer, and general information about the supply chain from people working in it every day. Each Ticket will come with a discount to use at SeaWell Seafood, a signature cocktail and some post-panel snacks.