Lasting Impressions Documentary

A “Private Preview Screening” of the documentary film, “LASTING IMPRESSIONS”, an hour long intimate journey through the life & work of world-renowned painter/printmaker, innovator and teacher, Dan Welden. Told in chapters as art unfolds through the thoughts and observations of his friends & colleagues including Kiki Smith, Eric Fischl, Alice Aycock, Helen A. Harrison among others. This film conveys the essence of the artist and also explores inspirations and motivations that drive the act of creativity.

Filmed on location in Sag Harbor and The Catskills with support from Freudenberg Arts and Inspiration Plus Foundation the production revolves around the artist’s creativity and innovative thinking.

With a career of over 50 years, internationally known artist, and master printmaker Dan Welden has collaborated with such artists as Willem de Kooning, Eric Fischl, and Kiki Smith. Familiar themes run though his paintings and prints, drawing connections between landscape, and abstraction. He taps into the idea of linear pathways, echoes from animal tracks in nature, fissures in rock palisades, and metaphors for human connections. His paintings begin intuitively, with simple forms, and broad areas of color, gradually becoming more refined and delicate. His hands are playful with his tools, sometimes dancing, other times marching as the mind and heart work in conjunction to figure it out what wants to be said. The results are paintings rich in mystery, subtle layers, and a sophisticated color sensibility.